The leafy suburb of Alperton is located in the London Borough of Brent in Middlesex, North-West London.  Alperton lies on the Grand Union Canal, which runs from London to Birmingham.  The canal is popular with visitors, and supports a wide variety of wildlife.  Earliest records of Alperton – then known as ‘Alprinton’ – date back to 1199, when it was little more than a collection of 12 buildings on the bank of the River Brent.  The river provided fertile land for farming, and locals produced hay in its nearby meadows in the 1800s.  This was transported into London to feed the capital’s horses.  The Grand Junction Canal – now known as the Grand Union Canal – was built in 1801.  It was used to import sand, gravel and coal, and was constructed using bricks from the local brickworks.  The town developed quickly, and by 1894 had a sewage farm, three pig farms and two recycling plants.  Alperton’s first train station was built a few years later in the early 1900s.  Alperton is now connected to the rest of London by Alperton tube station, and is in Travelcard Zone 4 of the Piccadilly line.